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American Dreamers

American Dreamers is a portrait project of Americans, born out of the disillusionment I felt with the state of our Union in 2016. I felt it important to connect my family to our fellow brothers and sisters of the American Dream. My original interest started with DACA and the impending end to resident status of those born here, the separation of family. Seeing the divide felt by so many of my countrymen, I quickly realized the focus of my project need not be just those affected by DACA, but should be on all of us American Dreamers. Having experienced prejudices and misunderstandings firsthand at different points of my life, I know full well that most of it is born out of ignorance or fear of the unknown.


It was once said to me by a New Mexican farmer that he’d met a lot of folks in his life whom he did not like... until he got to know them.


It was with the memory of that conversation that my wife and I unenrolled our two young sons, Ryder, 10, and Penn, 8, from school and hit the road as a family, in an effort to get to know as many fellow American Dreamers as possible.  I believe we are all American Dreamers—whether living it, dreaming of it, or a victim of it.

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